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We choose quality for our customers from United Steel Supply offering 47 colors proudly finished with Sherwin Williams Coil Coatings and an up to 40-year limited paint warranty for all colors.  

United Steel Supply’s paint coatings provide reflectivity performance levels meeting ENERGY STAR® criteria.  Solar reflectivity or reflectance (SR) is the measure of a material’s ability to reflect solar energy or sunlight from its surface. SR values are numbered zero (0) to 1.0. A value of 0 indicates that the surface absorbs all solar energy and a value of 1.0 indicates total reflectance. ENERGY STAR requires an SR value of 0.25 or higher for steep slope roofing (above 2:12) and an SR value of 0.65 or higher for low slope roofing (2:12 or less)

The Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) is used to determine compliance with LEED® requirements and is calculated according to ASTM E 1980 using values for reflectance and emissivity. Emissivity is a material’s ability to release absorbed energy. To meet LEED requirements, a roofing material must have an SRI of 29 or greater for steep-slope roofing and an SRI value of 78 or higher for low slope roofing.

BMP Color Chart

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